Southerlin Family Eye Care

"View From The Bridge" panels had been concept and I had showen a smaller version to clients that were looking for large art for walls. Doctor Stephanie Southerlin is my optometrist and I had showed her some of my work as her office was in need of some art on the walls. She fell in love with "View From The Bridge" and picked it for her office.

The idea to turn the original image into a three piece panel came to from one I had printed one 24" X 36", I thought it was nice but I saw that it would look better larger and as a three piece so I divided the image in to three equal pieces.

To view stop by in person at Southerlin Family Eye Care, 2084 Woodruff Road Suite B, Greenville, South Carolina.

Liberty Bridge Study, Falls Park
Greenville, South Carolina
View From The Bridge, Liberty Bridge Study,
Greenville, South Carolina
Original Image, View From The Bridge, Liberty Bridge Falls Park, Greenville, South Carolina