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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder proverb beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.

The landscape images here can be purchased as single prints or as a set.

Prints are matted, numbered, dated and signed. Limited number of prints of each image are printed, that number depends on the image, some are a 1 of 1 and some are no more than 10 and the largest number of any image printed is no more than 25.

All of these images hold meaning, not in a monetary status sense, but in a way that relates to identity or emotion, are key to my work.

Storm Clouds Outer Banks

Outer Banks, NC 2014 ©

Clouds - SandOuter Banks NC 2014 ©
Lighthouse & Walkway
Outer Banks, NC 2014 ©
Greenville, SC

View From Liberty Bridge, Greenville, SC.
The Liberty Bridge has many interesting views this one is looking north towards Main Street Reedy River Bridge in the background. 2014 ©

Greenville, SC

VStorm Clouds & Liberty Bridge view #5. 2007 ©

Greenville, SC

Storm Clouds & Liberty Bridge view #4. 2007 ©

Caesars Head State Park, SC
Catching the light just at the right moment in time on Raven Cliff Falls.2011 ©
Side Lake
Carl Sandburg Home, Flat Rock NC, view with lake reflection from bridge. 2012 ©
"Sand, Tree, Rocks"
Beach near Delray Beach FL. 2012 ©
Salton Sea State Park, CA
"Road to Salton Sea with Moon" Salton Sea Study #11 2007 ©
Series on the Salton Sea inspired by the bare look of the landscape, Salton Sea One of the world's largest inland seas and lowest spots on earth is 227 feet below sea level on the desert shore of CALIFORNIA'S POST-APOCALYPTIC BEACH.
Salton Sea State Park, CA
"As Evening Sets In" At the North Shore Beach & Yacht Club, Once the playground of the rich and famous. Salton Sea Study #141 2007 ©
Salton Sea State Park, CA
"Post-Apocalyptic Beach" Salton Sea Study #164 2007 ©
"Storm Clouds Over Field"
Highway 101 North of Paso Robles., Camera Hasselblad ELM 1986 ©
Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico
"Ray of Sun Light over Laguna Pueblo" 2008 © Laguna Pueblo is 46 miles west of Albuquerque New Mexico and lays between Interstate 40 and Route 66.recognized Native American tribe of the Pueblo people.
Death Valley National Park, CA
Image was taken with a Mamiya RZ Pro II of my 8x10 view camera on top of one of the sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells Death Valley.
Death Valley National Park, Eastern California is Situated within the Mojave Desert. The lowest point in North America and one of the hottest places in the world. 2001 ©
Death Valley National Park, CA
This is the image was taken with the 8X10 printed and cropped of sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells Death Valley. 2001 ©
Death Valley National Park, CA
Catching a moment in time from Saltwater Flats of the Panamint Range with snow 2005 ©
"Red/Blue Surreal"
Captial Reef National Park, UT, Capitol Reef Knobs are surreal massive sandstone formations, towering arches, ancient writings, and a valley of red rock is in Utah’s south-central desert, an oasis of colorful sandstone cliffs, impressive domes, and soaring monoliths. 2009 ©
"Lone Tree in Field"
Saint Charles ILL 1999 ©
"Evening Fog"
"Evening fog surrounding Escobar Rocks and Moss Cove Point Lobos, from San Jose Creek, Monastery Beach Highway 1 Carmel, CA, 1994 ©

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