Home Alone series has been in the works since 1987 images are still being added to the series.

These images have been taken in my house or many of my friends homes who were always generous in letting me wander around their houses finding subject matter to photograph. These objects range form simple roll of background paper to idem found in a kitchen sink, such as flower petals. So anything can be photographed and become art around one's house.

Silverware Drawer 1987 Carmel, CA

Garlic & Knife 2006 Carlsbad, NM
Torn Background Paper Carlsbad, NM
Red Plate & Martini Glass 2006 Bisbee AZ (Martini Series)
Cross on Red Wall 2002 Leslie's House Huntington Beach CA
Pitcher, Water Blow & Mirror 2002 Cabin Lake Arrowhead, CA
Red Negligee - Cattails Red Room2005 Mary's House Bisbee, AZ
Photographers2004 Carlsbad, NM
Disposable Flowers2007 Martha's House, Costa Mesa, CA

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