District West Apartment Complex

The tiled Medusa Tree was seen in my studio and was Selected as one of the images for the new District West Apartment complex. The other image was taken in 2006 in Moss Landing, California, it was Selected because of the Industrial look.

The idea for the tiled version of the Medusa Tree came from a Roller Cosat Track I had tiled and felt that the tree roots would make a great tiled wall image. So I did one (the original one) and installed it on a wall in my studio. There has been most interesting remarks from people who have viewed it. And so when the Interior Designer came she picked the Medusa Tree and Purchased the

To view the Medusa Tree or The print of the "Rusty Fog Horn" you would need to make an appointment with the managment at District West Apartment Complex, 101 Reedy View Drive, Greenville, South Carolina.

24 Piece Tiled Medusa Tree, Falls Park,
Greenville, South Carolina
Rusty Metal Building with Fog horn
Moss Landing CA
24 8" X 8" tiles Medusa Tree