Black and White Film

William has worked with film since 1970
His cameras have included everything from 35 Millimeters, Medium Format 645, 6X6, 6X7, and Large Format View Camers 4X5, 5X7 and 8X10

The first SLR 35mm camera he purchased was a Hanimex made in West Germany in 1969 when he came back from living in Hawaii.
Using the Hanimex to record the art he was producing at the time. He then went to San Francisco to study photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, while there he upgraded his 35mm to a Bronica S2 Medium Format 6X6, 120 roll film camera with a 75mm ƒ2 lens.
While at school he borrowed a 4X5 View camera and found that to be an excellent choice for architecture photography. He then focused on learning how to work with large format cameras.

After school he moved back to the Monterey Peninsula in California where he grew up. Where he purchased a used Speed Graphic 4x5 camera and a Nikon FM 35mm. About a year later he traded in the Bronica for a Mamiya 645 medium format camera, at the time he had thought it was a good upgrade but found that the early Mamiya 645 wasn't to his liking and sold that after about a year.
Times were hard and he had to sell the Speed graphic and was left with only the Nikon for a few years and moved to Lambertville, NJ. The in 1984 he purchased a Hasselblad ELM and went on a road trip across America on his move back to the Monterey Peninsula. In 1992 his built his own 8X10 view camera and found an old soft focus Schneider 300mm ƒ6.8 lens for studio portraits.

1994 Abbott traded in the Hasselblad for a Mamyia 645 Pro II and kept that until 1999 when he traded that in on a Mamyia RZ67 Pro II that he still has and "loves" it. Through the years he had several Nikon 35mm and in 2007 he purchased a Canon 5D digital as his clients wanted instantaneous images. In 2011 he returned to film as he says "Digital just doesn't have the Depth of Field or Latitude that film has". Plus he enjoys the whole processing of film, developing and printing his images in the darkroom.

The images below are Associated with some of his work with film over the years. Each series of images has a portfolio with a link to the portfolio under the image. Please enjoy his work.

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